Unveiling the Truth: Comparing Poverty Levels in Venezuela and India – Which Country Struggles More?

Venezuela is generally considered to be poorer than India. Venezuela has been facing a severe economic crisis characterized by hyperinflation, shortages of basic goods, and a significant decline in living standards, while India has been experiencing steady economic growth over the years.

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Venezuela is generally considered to be poorer than India. The country has been grappling with a severe economic crisis marked by hyperinflation, scarcity of essential goods, and a substantial decline in living standards. In contrast, India has been experiencing steady economic growth and has made significant strides in poverty reduction over the years.

Several factors have contributed to Venezuela’s current economic predicament. One major factor is the heavy dependence on oil exports, which account for a significant portion of the country’s revenue. As global oil prices plummeted, Venezuela’s economy took a significant hit. Additionally, mismanagement, corruption, and economic policies have worsened the situation, leading to a severe economic downturn.

To highlight the gravity of the situation, a well-known quote from Margaret Thatcher comes to mind: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” This quote underscores the consequences of mismanaged economic policies and the impact they can have on a nation’s prosperity.

Interesting facts about Venezuela and India further emphasize their differing economic situations:


  1. Venezuela holds the world’s largest proven oil reserves, yet the country’s economy has suffered immensely due to mismanagement and corruption.
  2. Inflation in Venezuela reached staggering levels, with an estimated rate of over one million percent in 2018.
  3. Shortages of basic goods, including food and medicine, have led to a humanitarian crisis and mass emigration from the country.
  4. The Bolívar, Venezuela’s currency, has been severely devalued, causing further economic instability.
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  1. India is the world’s seventh-largest economy by nominal GDP and the third-largest by purchasing power parity.
  2. The country has made significant progress in poverty reduction, with the poverty rate declining from over 50% in the 1970s to under 20% in recent years.
  3. India has a diverse economy, with sectors such as information technology, services, manufacturing, and agriculture contributing to its growth.
  4. The government has implemented various initiatives to boost economic development, including the “Make in India” campaign aimed at promoting manufacturing and job creation.

A table comparing key economic indicators between Venezuela and India:

Indicator Venezuela India
GDP (Nominal) Declining Growing
Inflation Rate Hyperinflation Controlled
Poverty Rate Increasing Declining
Currency Bolívar Indian Rupee
Major Industries Oil, Manufacturing Services, IT, Agriculture
Economic Growth Negative Positive
Foreign Investments Declining Growing

In conclusion, the economic situation in Venezuela is generally considered to be more dire than that of India. While Venezuela struggles with hyperinflation, shortages, and declining living standards, India has seen steady economic growth and has made progress in poverty reduction. It is important to explore the complexities of these issues, highlighting the consequences of mismanagement and the efforts taken to address them.

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In this regard, Is Venezuela a rich or Poor country? The poorest country in South America is Venezuela.

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Also, How is the economy of Venezuela compared to India?
Answer will be: Comparison In 2021, Venezuela ranked 110 in the Economic Complexity Index (ECI -1.08), and 135 in total exports ($3.2B). That same year, India ranked 41 in the Economic Complexity Index (ECI 0.61), and 14 in total exports ($403B).

Besides, How big is Venezuela vs India? Venezuela is about 3.6 times smaller than India.
India is approximately 3,287,263 sq km, while Venezuela is approximately 912,050 sq km, making Venezuela 27.74% the size of India.

What is the average income per person in India?
The answer is: India’s per capita net national income (at current prices) for 2022-23 stands at INR 172,000, according to estimates from the National Statistical Office (NSO). This marks an almost 100 percent increase from the per capita income in 2014-15 – INR 86,647 – when the Narendra Modi government first came to power.

Is Venezuela a poor country?
In reply to that: CARACAS (Reuters) – Poverty in Venezuela has fallen to 50.5% amid the South American country’s economic recovery, though income inequality continued to widen, according to a study by the National Poll of Living Conditions (ENCOVI) which was published on Thursday.

Also to know is, Are economic statistics disappearing in Venezuela?
Response will be: Economic statistics are disappearing. In an attempt to stifle economic outrage, the Venezuelan government ceased publication of poverty statistics in 2015. It is now the responsibility of universities and sociologists to report on the current state of Venezuela and provide alternative sources of information.

Is Venezuela experiencing ‘hyperinflation’? The answer is: Luis Pedro España, a sociologist at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas, estimates that up to 70 percent of households in Venezuela could fall below the poverty line this year. It would be the highest rate of poverty since statistic tracking began in 1980. Venezuela is experiencing ‘hyperinflation.’

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Likewise, Does Venezuela have a humanitarian crisis?
As an answer to this: The Encovi report estimated that the Venezuelan Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is the total of all value added created in the economy, shrank 74% between 2014 and 2020. The economic collapse has led to a humanitarian crisis in the country of 28 million.

Also Know, Is Venezuela a poor country?
Response to this: CARACAS (Reuters) – Poverty in Venezuela has fallen to 50.5% amid the South American country’s economic recovery, though income inequality continued to widen, according to a study by the National Poll of Living Conditions (ENCOVI) which was published on Thursday.

One may also ask, Does Venezuela have economic potential? From the 10 years of military dictatorship between 1948-1958 to the impeachment of Carlos Andrés Pérez for corruption in 1993, Venezuelan politics have often been both rocky and eventful. But despite these challenges throughout its history, no one has ever denied Venezuela’s economic potential.

What will Venezuela’s GDP look like in 2022?
By 2022, the organization predicts Venezuela’s GDP per capita (PPP) will be just $12,210, which would be a massive economic setback – the Venezuelan economy would be even poorer than it was many years before the Chávez era started. Although oil revenues are tempting to rely on to maintain social order, they come with a degree of unpredictability.

Correspondingly, Is Venezuela in a recession?
Venezuela is in its third year of recession. Its economy is expected to contract 10% this year, according to the International Monetary Fund. The IMF forecasts Venezuela will be in recession until at least 2019. While the economy shrinks, the price of goods is skyrocketing. This year, inflation is expected to rise 475%, according to the IMF.

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