Unveiling the Surprising Arab Community in South America: How Many Arabs Call the Continent Home?

It is difficult to determine an exact number of Arabs in South America as there is no comprehensive data available. However, it is known that there are significant Arab diaspora communities in countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia.

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It is indeed difficult to determine the exact number of Arabs residing in South America due to the lack of comprehensive data available. However, the Arab diaspora in South America has made significant contributions to the region’s cultural fabric, economy, and society. Countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia are known to have substantial Arab communities.

One interesting fact is that Brazil is home to the largest Arab diaspora in South America. According to the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, there are approximately 10 million people of Arab descent living in the country, making it a significant presence in the region. This community has had a notable impact on various sectors, such as agriculture, industry, and trade.

Argentina also has a significant Arab population, particularly of Lebanese and Syrian descent. The Argentine-Middle Eastern Chamber of Commerce estimates that around 1.5 million Argentines can trace their roots back to the Arab world. This community has played a prominent role in politics, business, and culture, shaping the country’s multicultural identity.

Colombia, although not as widely recognized for its Arab community, also hosts a noteworthy diaspora. The Colombian Lebanese Chamber of Commerce estimates that around 700,000 Colombians have Lebanese ancestry. This community has made important contributions to sectors like commerce, industry, and philanthropy.

While specific numbers are challenging to pinpoint, it is evident that Arab communities have had a significant impact on South American societies. This is best captured by the words of Brazilian journalist Zuenir Ventura, who said, “The Arab immigration soiled the national interest of our mixture. They contributed to our ethnic variety and taught us some of their traits: tenacity, sobriety, and the value of being part of a collective.”

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Although it is difficult to provide an extensive table without sources, here is a simplified example demonstrating the estimated Arab populations in three key South American countries:

Country Estimated Arab Population
Brazil 10 million
Argentina 1.5 million
Colombia 700,000

Please note that these figures are approximate and should be taken as a general estimate rather than exact statistics.

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The video explores the history and influence of the Arab diaspora in Latin America. Starting with the Iberian Moors, who left an impact on Spanish and Portuguese culture, and the Sephardic Jewish population, the Arab influence in the region dates back to colonization. Over the centuries, immigrants from Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria, mostly Christian, have significantly contributed to Latin American society. Despite occasional clashes, Arab Latinos quickly assimilated, becoming one of the most affluent groups in the region. With an estimated 10 to 20 million people of Arab descent in Latin America, they have become an integral part of its culture. The video also highlights the diversity within the Latino community and the connection between Middle Eastern and Latino societies.

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between 14 – 30 million peopleToday, estimates put the Arab diaspora in Latin America at between 14 – 30 million people. Brazil is also home to the largest Arab population outside of the Arab world, made up of at least 9 million people, most of whom are of Lebanese or Syrian descent.

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What percentage of Brazil is Arab?
The reply will be: São Paulo – An unprecedented survey made public this Wednesday (22) by the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) has shown that Arabs and descendants make up 6% of Brazil’s population. The ‘Exclusive National Survey on Arabs in Brazil’ was done by Ibope Inteligência in partnership with H2R Pesquisas Avançadas.

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In this way, How many Arab people are in Brazil? As an answer to this: Last year, the Arab-Brazil Chamber of Commerce released the first-ever census of this community, claiming that there are 12 million people of Arab descent living in Brazil. According to Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, between 7 million and 10 million people of Lebanese descent, specifically, live in the country.

How many Arabs are in Colombia? Response: It is estimated that Colombia has a Lebanese population of 3.2 million. Meanwhile the Palestine population is estimated between 100,000-120,000.

Why are there so many Middle Easterners in Latin America? Response: The first wave of Middle Eastern migration to Latin America lasted from the 1860s through 1914, when about 600,000 Arabic speakers from the Levant resettled in the Americas, spurred by socioeconomic and demographic factors that converged with the decline of the Ottoman Empire.

Then, Who are the Arabs in South America? Response will be: The Arabs in South America tend to be elites. In many ways, their rise has mirrored the success of Jews in the United States, and even surpassed them. The richest man in the world is a Lebanese-Mexican, Carlos Slim. A president of Argentina, Carlos Menem, was of Syrian origin.

Accordingly, Which country has the largest Muslim population in South America?
Argentina has the largest population of Muslims in South America with as many as 0.7 million Argentinians identify themselves as Muslims. Islam was introduced in Argentina in the 20th century after the country received scores of Arab immigrants from the Ottoman Empire, particularly from Lebanon and Syria.

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Thereof, What percentage of Latin America is Arab? As an answer to this: Overall, 5% of Latin America is Arab in origin, which corresponds to roughly 25-30 million people. This can vary from a low of 2% in Uruguay to an astounding 9% in Argentina; but still you rarely hear about it, except for the occasional arrest of an al-Qaeda member. There is a good reason for this.

Similarly one may ask, How many Muslims are in Argentina?
Response: According to the International Religious Freedom Report in 2015, the actual size of Argentina ‘s Muslim community is estimated to be around 1% of the total population (400,000 to 500,000 members). And according to the 2010 census, the number of Muslims in Brazil, was 35,207 out of a population of approximately 191 million people.

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It’s interesting that, The majority of the Arab diaspora in Brazil comes from Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria, as migration started during the Ottoman Empire and after the first World War. There is at least six million, full or partial, Lebanese descendants in Brazil, and back in 2014, a good 10 percent of parliamentarians were of Lebanese origin.
Topic fact: In 2011, the number of the Arab diaspora previously stood at 1.5 million in Turkey. However, the Syrian war contributed to a total of 3.3 million Syrian refugees now residing in the country, raising the number to 4 million Arabs in total.
It is interesting: According to the study, 5.5 million or nine percent come from North Africa (Maghreb countries,) and half a million come from the Middle East and Turkey. According to Global Arab World Migration and Diasporas, there are around four to five million Yemeni and Omani descendants in Indonesia.
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