Unveiling Surprising Facts: Is Uruguay Bigger than Chile? Debunking the South American Size Mismatch!

No, Uruguay is not bigger than Chile.

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While Uruguay and Chile are both countries located in South America, when it comes to size, Chile is significantly larger than Uruguay. To provide more detail, Uruguay has a land area of approximately 176,215 square kilometers, making it the second smallest country in South America after Suriname. On the other hand, Chile is one of the longest and narrowest countries in the world, spanning over 4,300 kilometers from north to south. It boasts a land area of around 756,096 square kilometers, making it more than four times larger than Uruguay.

To illustrate the difference in size between Uruguay and Chile, here is a comparison table showcasing a few key facts:

Country Land Area (square kilometers) Population (approx.)
Uruguay 176,215 3.5 million
Chile 756,096 19 million

Famous author and explorer Jules Verne captured the vastness of Chile in his book “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea,” where the main characters, while traveling in a submarine, traversed the length of Chile’s coast, highlighting the country’s elongated shape.

Interesting facts about Chile:

  1. Chile is home to the driest desert in the world, the Atacama Desert.
  2. The country has a diverse range of geographical features, including mountains, forests, glaciers, fjords, and volcanoes.
  3. Easter Island, known for its mysterious and iconic Moai statues, belongs to Chile.
  4. Chile is renowned for its wines and is one of the major wine-producing countries in the world.
  5. The country has a rich cultural heritage, with strong indigenous influences and a vibrant arts scene.
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Overall, while both Uruguay and Chile are fascinating countries in South America, Chile surpasses Uruguay in terms of size, offering a diverse landscape and a range of natural wonders that contribute to its uniqueness. As Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Chile’s vastness provides ample opportunities for adventurers to explore its stunning and diverse territories.

The video compares South American countries in terms of climate, cost of living, income, quality of life, human development, and safety. Chile ranks first, followed by Uruguay, due to their high scores in security, human development, and income. Paraguay and Argentina are almost equal, with Paraguay excelling in climate, cost of living, and security, while Argentina has strengths in human development, costs, and climate. Brazil has the highest quality of life, but struggles with low income and human development. Colombia scores well in low cost of living and security, but faces drawbacks in climate, income, and quality of life. Each country has a different profile, and individuals must determine which characteristics they value the most when deciding where to move.

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Uruguay is approximately 176,215 sq km, while Chile is approximately 756,102 sq km, making Chile 329% larger than Uruguay.

Chile is about 4.3 times bigger than Uruguay. Uruguay is approximately 176,215 sq km, while Chile is approximately 756,102 sq km, making Chile 329% larger than Uruguay.

Uruguay is about 4.3 times smaller than Chile. Chile is approximately 756,102 sq km, while Uruguay is approximately 176,215 sq km, making Uruguay 23.31% the size of Chile.

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What are the 3 biggest countries in South America?
Largest countries in South America, by total area (in square kilometers)

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Characteristic Area in square kilometers
Brazil 8,515,770
Argentina 2,780,400
Peru 1,285,216
Colombia 1,138,910

Beside this, What is the 2 largest country in South America? Argentina
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Rank Country Subregion
1 Brazil South America, Latin America
2 Argentina South America, Latin America
3 Peru South America, Latin America
4 Colombia South America, Latin America

What are the 10 largest countries in South America?
As an answer to this: List of South American countries by area

Country / territory South America area in km2 (mi2)
1 Brazil 8,510,346 (3,285,862)
2 Argentina 2,796,427 (1,079,706)
3 Peru 1,285,216 (496,224)
4 Colombia 1,141,748 (440,831)


Secondly, What is the largest country in Latin America? In reply to that: Brazil
Based on land area, Brazil is the largest country in Latin America by far, with a total area of over 8.5 million square kilometers.

Additionally, What is the difference between Chile and Uruguay?
Uruguay is about 4.3 times smaller than Chile. Chile is approximately 756,102 sq km, while Uruguay is approximately 176,215 sq km, making Uruguay 23.31% the size of Chile. Meanwhile, the population of Chile is ~18.4 million people (15.0 million fewer people live in Uruguay).

Keeping this in consideration, What is the tax rate in Chile & Uruguay? Chile has a top tax rate of 40.0% as of 2016. In Uruguay, the top tax rate is 30.0% as of 2016. In Chile, approximately 13.0 women per 100,000 births die during labor as of 2017. In Uruguay, 17.0 women do as of 2017.

In respect to this, Is China bigger than the US?
China is the largest country in Asia and the world’s fourth-largest country, with an area of approximately 9.6 million km 2. However, when it comes to total land area, China is slightly larger than the US, covering approximately 9.3 million km 2 .

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Keeping this in consideration, Is Uruguay a safe country?
In reply to that: Uruguay checks a lot of boxes. It’s arguably the safest country in South America. It has beautiful beaches, abundant natural resources, and nice weather. Its citizens do not fear the police. The government generally steps back and lets individuals choose what they want to put in their body or do to it.

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