Discover the Neighboring Gems: Unveiling the Countries Bordering Chile!

The countries that are next to Chile are Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru.

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Chile is located in the southwestern part of South America and is bordered by several countries. The neighboring countries of Chile are Argentina to the east, Bolivia to the northeast, and Peru to the north.

Argentina is Chile’s largest neighbor, sharing a long border of over 5,300 kilometers. The two countries are connected through multiple border crossings, providing important trade and tourism links. The shared border lies mostly along the rugged Andes mountain range, creating a stunning natural boundary between the two nations.

Bolivia shares a relatively shorter border with Chile, stretching over approximately 861 kilometers. The border is defined by the natural boundary of the Andes mountain range, which provides breath-taking views as well as challenges for transportation and connectivity. Despite some historical border disputes, Chile and Bolivia maintain diplomatic relations and actively engage in trade and cooperation.

Peru shares a border with Chile spanning around 171 kilometers. The border lies in the far north of Chile, characterized by the arid desert region known as the Atacama Desert. This desert region is considered one of the driest places on Earth and holds numerous natural wonders such as the stunning Moon Valley and El Tatio geysers.

Interesting Facts:

  1. The Chile-Argentina border is the third longest border in the world.
  2. The Andes mountain range separates Chile from its neighboring countries and serves as a significant geographical feature of South America.
  3. Chile and Bolivia had territorial disputes in the past, resulting in Bolivia losing its access to the Pacific Ocean.
  4. Due to its elongated shape, Chile has a diverse climate and landscapes, ranging from glaciers and fjords to deserts and vineyards.
  5. The Chile-Peru border has a rich historical significance, as this region was once part of the Inca Empire.
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“Geography is just physics slowed down, with a couple of trees stuck in it.” – Terry Pratchett, English author.


Country Border Length (in kilometers)
Argentina 5,300
Bolivia 861
Peru 171

Terry Pratchett’s quote emphasizes the close connection between geography and physics, highlighting how the physical features of a region, such as mountains and deserts, shape its overall geography. In the case of Chile, its geographical features significantly impact its neighboring countries and influence regional relationships, trade, and natural wonders.

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The majority of Chile’s population staying close to its capital, Santiago, can be attributed to a combination of historical, geographical, and economic factors. The centralization of the population in Santiago can be traced back to Chile’s history of colonization, conflicts with indigenous tribes, and territorial disputes with neighboring countries. Additionally, the extreme climates and limited resources in the northern and southern regions make them less habitable, leading people to gravitate towards the more favorable Mediterranean climate of Santiago. The city also offers better economic opportunities and infrastructure, making it a desirable location for job seekers.

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Located in southern South America, Chile borders the countries of Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru. This is a strategic location relative to sea lanes between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (Strait of Magellan, Beagle Channel, Drake Passage).

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What is the long country that shares a border with Chile?
The reply will be: Argentina
The Argentina–Chile border is the longest international border of South America and the third longest in the world after the Canada–United States border and the Kazakhstan–Russia border.

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In this way, What country borders Chile and Peru? Answer to this: Bolivia
Chile occupies a long border with Argentina to the east, running north-west from Southern to Central South America. Chile also borders Bolivia to the southwest and Peru to the south. In addition, Chile also shares a long coastline along the South Pacific Ocean to its west.

Also, Which two countries border Chile to the north?
The response is: Chile occupies a long, narrow coastal strip between the Andes Mountains to the east and Pacific Ocean to the west. To the north it is bordered by Peru and Bolivia, with Argentina to the east and the Drake Passage to the far south.

What country borders Chile to the east?
The reply will be: Argentina
Chile borders Argentina and Bolivia in the east, and it shares a short border with Peru in the north.

Herein, What three countries border Chile to the north and east?
As an answer to this: Chile is located in South America, between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes. It is unique as it is a long narrow strip of land. It has a land area of 480,000 square miles, and it borders three countries, which are Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru, together with the Drake Passage.

What are the neighbor countries of Chile?
The reply will be: Chile is a country in South America that borders the South Pacific Sea. Neighboring countries include Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru. Chile has a strategic location relative to sea lanes between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans including the Strait of Magellan, Beagle Channel, and the Drake Passage.

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Likewise, Does Chile have any disputes with other countries?
As a response to this: The Chilean Government has diplomatic relations with most countries. In 2011, Chile officially recognized the state of Palestine. Chile has frontiers with Argentina, Peru and Bolivia and has had historical rivalries with each of these neighbours. Chile expanded to its present size in the 1880s.

Regarding this, What are the countries next to Chile? Answer to this: Chile is located in South America. The country stretches some 2,653 miles (4,270 km) from north to south. Chile is bordered by Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast, and Argentina to the east. The entire western and southern border of Chile is a coastline with the Pacific Ocean.

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