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Yes, cod is not native to Brazil, but it is still available in Brazilian markets thanks to imports from other countries.

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Yes, cod is not native to Brazil, but it is still available in Brazilian markets thanks to imports from other countries. Brazil is known for its diverse cuisine, with a wide range of local ingredients and dishes. However, when it comes to cod, Brazil relies on imports to satisfy its demand for this popular fish.

Cod is a well-known and widely loved fish around the world, particularly in countries with a strong fishing tradition like Norway, Portugal, and Iceland. Due to its mild flavor and flaky texture, cod has become a staple ingredient in many traditional dishes and recipes.

Brazil does not have a native population of cod, as it requires cold oceanic waters that are not found along the Brazilian coast. Nevertheless, the demand for cod in Brazil is substantial, particularly during religious holidays such as Christmas and Easter, when it is often the star ingredient in celebratory dishes.

Imports from countries like Norway and Portugal meet the demand for cod in Brazil, ensuring that consumers can enjoy dishes like bacalhau, a traditional Portuguese salted cod dish. These imports have made cod readily available in Brazilian markets, allowing people to incorporate it into their cuisine.

A quote from renowned chef Anthony Bourdain captures the significance of imported ingredients in culinary traditions: “Food is everything we are. It’s an extension of nationalist feeling, ethnic feeling, your personal history, your province, your region, your tribe, your grandma. It’s inseparable from those from the get-go.” This quote emphasizes how imported ingredients like cod can play a vital role in preserving cultural and culinary heritage.

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Interesting facts about cod:

  1. Cod has been a popular fish for centuries, with historical records dating back to Norse sagas and medieval manuscripts.

  2. The Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) is one of the most common species of cod found in the northern seas, known for its white flesh and delicate flavor.

  3. Cod has a rich history in European and North American cuisines, with various regional dishes and preparation methods, including salting, drying, and smoking.

  4. The term “bacalhau” is often used to refer to salted cod dishes in Portugal and Brazil, but it can also encompass other species of salted fish.

  5. Cod fishing has faced significant challenges over the years, with concerns over sustainability and declining populations in some regions.


Country of Origin Varieties of Cod Available
Norway Skrei, Clipfish, Klippfisk
Portugal Bacalhau (Salted Cod)
Iceland Fresh Cod, Salted Cod
Russia Alaska Pollock, Pacific Cod
United States Atlantic Cod, Pacific Cod

Please note that the information provided is based on general knowledge and may be subject to geographical variations and changes in the availability of cod in different markets.

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Bacalhau on display in a Casas Pedro shop in Copacabana. Bacalhau, dried and salted cod is the core ingredient in many dishes most treasured by Brazilians. Today it is a quite expensive ingredient and mostly reserved for special occasions, that was not always the case.

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What fish are common in Brazil?
The response is: Keep reading to learn more about some of the most popular Brazilian fish species.

  • Peacock Bass. Peacock bass mostly eat other fish, including their own young, if there isn’t much else to eat.
  • Piraiba. The Paraiba catfish is often considered a prize by sport fishers.
  • Redtail catfish.
  • Arowana.
  • Tambaqui.
  • Payara.
  • Piranha.
  • Cobia.
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Where do the Portuguese get cod from?
As a response to this: Norway
Cod fishing started around Newfoundland (Canada) and Greenland, eventually moving towards Iceland and Norway, where most of the cod that is nowadays eaten in Portugal comes from.
What is cod fish in Portuguese?
The answer is: Bacalhau
First of all, how do we say codfish in Portuguese? Bacalhau is the magic word and once you say it in Portugal, everyone knows what you mean! You are referring to the Portuguese salted cod or Portuguese dried cod.
Is bacalao cod fish?
Bacalao is codfish that has been salted and dried giving it a unique flavor that is quite different from fresh cod or other white fish. You can try Bacalao for the first time in many European or Spanish restaurants.
Is cod fish native to Portugal?
Surprisingly, the cod fish is not native to the coastline of Portugal. Bacalhau is imported from Newfoundland or Norway. It has been an integral part of Portuguese cuisine since the 16th century, when Portuguese fishermen first brought it back from Newfoundland. It is also a popular dish in Spain, where it is called bacalao.
Where is cod found in the world?
Response to this: The existence of cod habitat can be found both in the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. This species is the largest cephalopod in the family Architeuthidae. Anglerfish fish tentacle or double, with another name Lophiiformes sala one order is true bony fish that were in the deep sea.
Does mad cow disease exist in Brazil?
Answer to this: It said they were the fourth and fifth cases of "atypical" mad cow disease that have been detected in Brazil in 23 years. It said "atypical" mad cow disease develops spontaneously and is not related to eating contaminated foods. Brazil has never had a case of "classic" mad cow disease, it said.
What is fresh cod called in Portugal?
Answer to this: Fresh (unsalted) cod is referred to as bacalhau fresco (fresh cod). Bacalhau dishes are common in Portugal, and also in former Portuguese colonies such as Cape Verde, Angola, Macau, Brazil, and Goa. There are said to be over 1000 recipes for salt cod in Portugal alone and it can be considered the iconic ingredient of Portuguese cuisine.
What species of cod live in the Atlantic Ocean?
Response: The two most common species of cod are the Atlantic cod ( Gadus morhua ), which lives in the colder waters and deeper sea regions throughout the North Atlantic, and the Pacific cod ( Gadus macrocephalus ), found in both eastern and western regions of the northern Pacific. Gadus morhua was named by Linnaeus in 1758.
Is Cod a fish?
Cod forms part of the common name of many other fish no longer classified in the genus Gadus.
Is Cod a demersal fish?
The response is: Cod ( PL: cod) is the common name for the demersal fish genus Gadus, belonging to the family Gadidae. Cod is also used as part of the common name for a number of other fish species, and one species that belongs to genus Gadus is commonly not called cod ( Alaska pollock, Gadus chalcogrammus ).

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