The Ultimate Guide: Discover the Countless Countries You Can Explore with a Venezuelan Passport!

As of 2021, Venezuelan passport holders can travel to around 29 countries without a visa, including countries in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. However, it is advised to check the visa requirements for each specific country before planning any travel, as regulations may change over time.

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As of 2021, Venezuelan passport holders can travel to around 29 countries without a visa, granting them the opportunity to discover the vast wonders of South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. It is important to note that visa requirements may change, so it is advisable to check the specific regulations for each country before planning any travel.

Although Venezuela faces certain travel limitations, its passport still enables its citizens to explore several stunning destinations. To provide a clearer perspective, here is a detailed breakdown of some visa-free countries for Venezuelan passport holders:

  1. South America:

  2. Argentina: Known for its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and tango rhythms.

  3. Bolivia: Home to the mesmerizing Uyuni Salt Flats and rich indigenous heritage.
  4. Brazil: Offers iconic attractions like the Amazon Rainforest, Christ the Redeemer, and energetic cities like Rio de Janeiro.
  5. Chile: Boasts diverse landscapes ranging from the Atacama Desert to the fjords of Patagonia.
  6. Colombia: Offers a vibrant mix of historical cities, breathtaking coastlines, and lush jungles.
  7. Ecuador: Presents an incredible array of natural wonders, including the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon Rainforest.
  8. Peru: Renowned for its ancient Inca ruins, particularly Machu Picchu.

  9. Central America and the Caribbean:

  10. Costa Rica: Famous for its lush rainforests, wildlife, and captivating biodiversity.

  11. Dominican Republic: Showcases stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a vibrant culture.
  12. Panama: Known for the iconic Panama Canal, lush rainforests, and beautiful islands.
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While this list provides a glimpse into the travel opportunities for Venezuelan passport holders, it is not exhaustive. Visa requirements may vary for different types of travel, such as tourism, business, or long-term stays. Hence, it is crucial to check the embassy or consulate websites of the desired destinations for up-to-date information.

In the words of American journalist Tony Perrottet, “Travel is like an endless university.” It broadens our understanding of the world, exposes us to new cultures, and enriches our lives with unforgettable experiences. Despite the challenges, being able to explore a range of countries without the need for a visa can open doors to incredible adventures.

To further illustrate the information above, here is a table showcasing some of the countries that Venezuelan passport holders can visit without a visa:

Country Continent
Argentina South America
Bolivia South America
Brazil South America
Chile South America
Colombia South America
Ecuador South America
Peru South America
Costa Rica Central America
Dominican Republic Central America
Panama Central America

Remember to always verify visa requirements with the respective embassies or consulates before planning your travel, as regulations may change. Happy exploring!

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The video provides a comprehensive list of countries that Venezuelans with a passport can visit visa-free, obtain a visa on arrival, or require a visa. There are 82 destinations where Venezuelans can travel without a visa, including Albania, Argentina, Austria, and Belgium, among others. Additionally, there are 36 destinations where Venezuelans can obtain a visa upon arrival, including Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, and Qatar. However, there are 82 destinations that require Venezuelans to obtain a visa in advance, including Australia, Canada, China, Japan, and the United States, among others.

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120 countriesThe Venezuela passport ranking is due to the degree of global entry it guarantees to Venezuelan passport holders, who may travel visa-free to 120 countries, but who otherwise need a visa to access 82 countries globally. National passports are ranked according to how many countries a holder can access visa-free.

As of 7 September 2021, Venezuelan citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 130 countries and territories, ranking the Venezuelan passport 40th in terms of travel freedom (tied with Tonga) according to the Henley Passport Index. [1]

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What countries can I go to with a Venezuelan passport?
In reply to that: Where Can Venezuelan Passport Holders Travel Without a Visa?

  • Albania.
  • Andorra.
  • Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Argentina.
  • Aruba.
  • Austria.
  • Bahamas.
  • Barbados.

Can Venezuelans fly to USA?
The response is: The US B1/B2 Visa is a mandatory document for a Venezuelan citizen who’s looking to visit the US. The good news is that you have iVisa by your side with a simple, fast, and reliable service that will help you apply for your visa.
Can you enter the US with a Venezuelan passport?
Answer: Venezuelan passport holders will have the validity period of five years from the expiration date of their passport and have valid admission to the United States, as long as the traveler has a valid visa. This does not alter the requirements to obtain a U.S. visa or admission to the United States.
Can I travel to Europe with a Venezuelan passport?
As an answer to this: No, Venezuelan citizens do not need a visa to enter Europe for short trips for tourism, business, transit, family visits, or medical treatment. Europe’s Schengen Zone consists of 27 countries, that function as one joint area when it comes to travel, to which Venezuelan passport holders have visa-free access.

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