Exploring Brazil’s Neighbors: Unveiling the Fascinating Countries Bordering Brazil

Brazil is bordered by ten countries, including Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

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Brazil, the largest country in South America, is bordered by ten countries. These neighboring countries include:

  1. Venezuela
  2. Guyana
  3. Suriname
  4. French Guiana (an overseas territory of France)
  5. Colombia
  6. Bolivia
  7. Peru
  8. Argentina
  9. Paraguay
  10. Uruguay

A famous quote by Jair Bolsonaro, the current President of Brazil, illustrates the significance of Brazil’s geographical position and its relations with neighboring countries:

“Our borders are not limits, they are bridges for cooperation and integration with our South American brothers.” – Jair Bolsonaro

Now, let’s dive into some interesting facts about the countries that border Brazil:

  1. Venezuela: It shares a border with Brazil in the north and is known for its stunning landscapes, including Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfall.
  2. Guyana: The border between Brazil and Guyana runs through dense rainforests, and the region is rich in biodiversity.
  3. Suriname: This small country, partially located in South America, shares a border with Brazil and is known for its diverse ethnic makeup, including a significant population of people of Indian and Javanese descent.
  4. French Guiana: As an overseas territory of France, French Guiana shares a border with Brazil and is home to the European Space Agency’s spaceport, from where satellites are launched.
  5. Colombia: This neighboring country is known for its vibrant culture, coffee plantations, and diverse ecosystems, including the Amazon rainforest, which extends into Colombia from Brazil.
  6. Bolivia: Brazil’s border with Bolivia stretches along the eastern side of the country, and it is home to diverse natural wonders like the Pantanal wetlands and the Amazon rainforest.
  7. Peru: Brazil and Peru share a border in the northwest, and the region features the captivating Amazon River, the longest river in the world.
  8. Argentina: This country shares a border in the south with Brazil and is famous for its tango music, passionate soccer culture, and stunning landscapes, including the majestic Iguazu Falls.
  9. Paraguay: Brazil’s border with Paraguay lies to the southwest, and the countries share cultural ties influenced by the indigenous Guarani people.
  10. Uruguay: It shares a small border with Brazil in the south and is known for its beautiful beaches, historical landmarks, and love for football.
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Here’s a table summarizing the neighboring countries of Brazil:

Neighboring Countries
French Guiana

In conclusion, Brazil’s borders encompass a diverse range of countries, each contributing to the region’s rich cultural heritage, natural wonders, and unique experiences. As Jair Bolsonaro emphasized, these borders serve as bridges, fostering cooperation and integration amongst South American nations.

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The video provides an in-depth look at the history, geography, economy, and culture of Brazil. It covers Brazil’s colonization, the impacts of slavery on its development, the transition from monarchy to republic, the challenges faced by the country, and its current situation. The video also discusses Brazil’s diverse geography, its population demographics, official language, strong economy, advancements in renewable energy, and vibrant culture. It highlights Brazil’s unique music genre, Bossa Nova, its architectural style, sporting achievements, and some of the challenges Brazil faces, such as social integration, corruption, and environmental destruction. Overall, the video presents Brazil as a country with immense potential if it can overcome its troubled history.

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About Brazil It is bordered by French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, and Venezuela in north, by Colombia in north-west, by Peru, Bolivia, and Paraguay in west, by Argentina in south-west, and by Uruguay in south.

Bordering countries

Country Length (km) Bordering Brazilian states Border features Article link
France ( French Guiana ) 730 Amapá Oyapock Brazil–France border
Suriname 593 Amapá, Pará Defined by the Treaty of Limits as the d Brazil–Suriname border
Guyana 1,606 Pará, Roraima Takutu River, Ireng River Brazil–Guyana border
Venezuela 2,200 Amazonas, Roraima Brazil–Venezuela border

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Wondering what, It is bounded on the east by the Atlantic, on the south and west by the state of Bahia, and on the north by the state of Alagoas, from which it is separated by the São Francisco River. READ: Do public universities in Germany teach in English? What are the nine countries that border Brazil? France (French Guiana)

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How many countries border Brazil?

The reply will be: nine countries
With a coast of 7,367 kilometers, Brazil has terrestrial boundaries with nine countries of South America:Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname, and with the French Department of Guiana,with an extention of over 16.886 kilometers.

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What country borders Brazil the most?

Response: Bordering countries

Country Length (km) Bordering Brazilian states
Bolivia 3,423 Acre, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Rondônia
Paraguay 1,365 Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná
Argentina 1,261 Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina
Uruguay 1,068 Rio Grande do Sul


What European country borders Brazil?

The Brazil–France border is the line, located in the Amazon Rainforest, that limits the territories of Brazil and France. The border is located between the Brazilian state of Amapá and the French region of Guyane. It is 730 kilometres (450 mi) in length. The current border and the road connecting Cayenne to Macapá.

What countries border Brazil and Colombia?

The reply will be: Colombia is a country in northwestern South America that has a coastline on both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. It is bordered by Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela.

What countries does Brazil share frontiers with?

Answer: Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world by land area, and has some long borders to prove it. The country’s longest border is the one that it shares with Bolivia, which stretches for 3,403 km. 7. Mongolia–Russia – 3,452 km. The eighth longest land border in the world is shared by Russia and Mongolia.

Which of these countries border Brazil?

The reply will be: The edges of Brazil took their modern form after European nations such as Portugal and Spain developed an interest in the continent. The Brazilian border stretches for roughly 10,492 miles long. Brazil shares its land bounder with 10 different nations such as Suriname, Venezuela, Guyana, and Colombia.

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What does Brazil have in common with its neighboring countries?

As a response to this: Brazilians share a lot in common with North Americans. Some parts of Brazil like Sao Paulo and Rio are cosmopolitan cities and has influence of other countries and continents. In cultural aspects we are a little different, since Brazilians are more friendly. We Brazilians are more open to accepting European and American culture than Latin Culture.

What are Brazil’s bordering and nearby countries?

Response: Neighboring Countries of Brazil France (French Guiana) Brazil and French Guiana are connected by the Oyapock River Bridge which passes over the Oyapock River. Suriname. Suriname has had border disputes with its neighbors except for the border with Brazil which was set in 1906 in the Treaty of Limits. Guyana.Venezuela.Colombia.Peru.Bolivia.Paraguay.Argentina.Uruguay.More items…

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