Unveiling Peru’s Hidden Treasures: Discover the Exquisite Products Originating from this Vibrant Land

Some products that come from Peru include coffee, quinoa, and alpaca wool.

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Peru, rich in cultural heritage and diverse landscapes, offers a wide array of unique products that have gained international recognition. Here are some iconic Peruvian products:

  1. Coffee: Peru is renowned for producing high-quality coffee, largely due to its favorable climate and diverse ecosystems. The coffee beans are grown in various regions of the country, each contributing its distinct flavor profile. According to coffee connoisseur James Hoffman, “Peruvian coffee is often characterized by its bright acidity and fruity notes.”

  2. Quinoa: Known as the “mother grain,” quinoa is a protein-rich superfood that originated in the Andean region, including Peru. It is a staple in Peruvian cuisine and has gained popularity globally for its nutritional value and versatility. Quinoa comes in different varieties, such as white, red, and black, and can be used in a wide range of dishes, from salads to baked goods.

  3. Alpaca Wool: Peru’s rugged terrain is home to herds of alpacas, which provide the exceptional fiber known as alpaca wool. This natural fiber is renowned for its softness, warmth, and durability. Alpaca wool is used to create various products, including sweaters, scarves, blankets, and accessories. The renowned fashion designer Carolina Herrera once said, “Alpaca wool is a treasure of Peru, possessing a unique softness and elegance.”

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Here are some interesting facts about these Peruvian products:

  • Coffee production in Peru dates back to the 18th century when it was introduced by Spanish colonizers.
  • Peru is one of the leading exporters of organic coffee, with many farms using traditional and sustainable farming methods.
  • The geography and microclimates of Peru contribute to the diverse flavors found in its coffee varieties.
  • Quinoa was a sacred crop for the Incas and was considered essential for their warriors due to its high nutritional value.
  • The United Nations declared 2013 as the “International Year of Quinoa,” highlighting its importance in promoting food security and nutrition.
  • Alpaca wool is celebrated for its hypoallergenic properties, as it does not contain lanolin, commonly found in sheep’s wool.
  • The fine and luxurious nature of alpaca wool has made it a popular choice among high-end fashion designers worldwide.


Product Description
Coffee High-quality, renowned for its bright acidity and fruity notes.
Quinoa Protein-rich superfood, available in various varieties, widely used in diverse culinary creations.
Alpaca Wool Exceptional fiber known for its softness, warmth, and durability, used in fashion and accessories.

In conclusion, Peru offers a remarkable selection of products that represent its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes. From the delightful flavors of Peruvian coffee to the nutritious properties of quinoa and the luxurious warmth of alpaca wool, these products continue to captivate global audiences with their unique characteristics.

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In this YouTube video, the hosts take viewers on a tour of a Peruvian supermarket in Lima and explore various Peruvian foods and drinks. They showcase unique products like Coca leaves, Aji Amarillo paste, and Pisco. The hosts discuss popular Peruvian dishes including tamales and ceviche, and highlight the affordability of roast chickens and Peruvian wines. They also mention delicious desserts like passion fruit pie and chocolate cake with Manjar Blanco. The hosts discuss different types of beer and soda available in Peru, and recommend viewers to visit a local supermarket to discover unique products. Overall, the video showcases the variety and deliciousness of Peruvian foods available in supermarkets.

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The items that are majorly exported from Peru include ores, gems, copper, food industry waste, animal fodder, coffee, crotchet clothing/accessories, molybdenum, silver, crude petroleum, natural gas, asparagus, fruits (mangoes, avocados, bananas, citrus fruits), textiles, fishmeal, fabricated metal products, and alloys.

Other important exports of Peru include:

  • Lead ore
  • Fruits and nuts (including grapes, mangoes, avocados, bananas and citrus fruits)
  • Animal fodder and animal pellets
  • Coffee (Peru is one of the world’s major coffee-producing countries)
  • Fish
  • Vegetables (including asparagus, artichokes, paprika peppers and onions)

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What products come from Peru?

As an answer to this: Peru’s main exports are copper, gold, zinc, textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, manufactures, machinery, services and fish meal.

What are 3 important products in Peru?

Response: Other important exports of Peru include:

  • Lead ore.
  • Fruits and nuts (including grapes, mangoes, avocados, bananas and citrus fruits)
  • Animal fodder and animal pellets.
  • Coffee (Peru is one of the world’s major coffee-producing countries)
  • Fish.
  • Vegetables (including asparagus, artichokes, paprika peppers and onions)

What does US buy from Peru?

The main products that Peru exported to United States were Gold ($724M), Other Fruits ($654M), and Grapes ($491M). During the last 26 years the exports of Peru to United States have increased at an annualized rate of 7.94%, from $1.01B in 1995 to $7.39B in 2021.

What foods are imported from Peru?

The main Peruvian products imported by the U.S. in the semester were grapes (35 percent share), asparagus (9 percent share), mango (8 percent share) and blueberries (5 percent share).

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What products does Peru export?

Peru’s agricultural export sector is currently well-perceived by the world’s markets, as demonstrated by the list of major products that Peru exports: Grapes: Peru’s leading non-traditional export. Fresh Peruvian grapes are the most widely sold product internationally thus far in 2017.

What are the most interesting Peruvian souvenirs?

We’ve simplified your shopping experience with this list of the most interesting Peruvian souvenirs you’ll only find in Peru. No trip to Peru is complete without a textile to bring home. Peruvian textiles are beautiful works of art and living pieces of history.

What to buy in Peru?

Response will be: You can buy blankets (which’ll cost more), table cloths, scarves and more. Whatever you do you can’t go wrong with a Peruvian textile, el regalo clásico. The pisco sour is the country’s drink, so naturally they make some good pisco. While Chileans will disagree, Peru makes the best pisco in the world. You’ll also find it at an unbeatable price.

What is Peru known for?

Like alpaca products, Peru is known for its textiles. Peruvian textiles use intricate geometric patterns, as well as revered native animal motifs. Discover a variety of vivid pieces depending on your tastes and decorative needs. You’ll happen upon woven Peruvian rugs, blankets, wall hangings, tablecloths, and runners.

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