Unraveling the Mystery: The Surprising Number of Digits in a Brazil Phone Number Revealed!

A Brazil phone number typically consists of 11 digits.

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A Brazil phone number typically consists of 11 digits. This 11-digit format is the standard for most landline and mobile phone numbers in Brazil.

In Brazil, the national numbering plan is regulated by the Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações (ANATEL). The phone numbers are structured in a way that helps identify the geographical location and the type of service provider.

Interesting facts about Brazil phone numbers:

  1. Geographic Area Codes: Brazil is a vast country with various geographic regions. The first two digits in a Brazilian phone number represent the geographic area code. For example, the area code for Rio de Janeiro is 21, while São Paulo uses 11.

  2. Mobile Phone Numbers: Mobile phone numbers in Brazil typically start with the digit 9 followed by the area code and the remaining digits. For example, a mobile number in São Paulo would start with 9 and then be followed by the area code 11.

  3. Public Utility Numbers: In Brazil, there are specific phone numbers reserved for public utilities. For instance, emergency services such as police, fire, and ambulance use the number 190, while customer service for public services like water and electricity are assigned specific numbers.

  4. The ‘+’ Prefix: To make international calls to a Brazil phone number, the caller needs to add the ‘+’ prefix followed by the country code (55 for Brazil) and then the 11-digit phone number. For example, to dial a Brazilian number from abroad, one would dial +55 followed by the 11-digit number.

To further illustrate the different area codes in Brazil, here is a table showcasing a few major cities and their respective area codes:

City Area Code
Rio de Janeiro 21
São Paulo 11
Brasília 61
Salvador 71
Belo Horizonte 31
Porto Alegre 51
Recife 81
Fortaleza 85
Manaus 92
Curitiba 41
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As famous writer Mark Twain once said, “The telephone talks too much, talks all night, and keeps no secrets.” This quote highlights the transformative power of the telephone in connecting people, regardless of geographic distances.

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The Brazilian telephone numbering plan uses a two-digit area code plus eight-digit local phone numbers for landlines and nine digits for mobile lines. Public utility services use short phone numbers (usually three digits), always starting with 1.

The Brazilian telephone numbering plan uses a two-digit area code plus eight-digit local phone numbers for landlines and nine digits for mobile lines. [1] [2] [3] Public utility services use short phone numbers (usually three digits), always starting with 1. [4] Local dialing [ edit]


In this YouTube video, the narrator discusses the benefits of obtaining virtual mobile numbers in Brazil. These numbers can be used to bypass registration on Brazilian websites or create additional accounts on messengers without a physical SIM card or being in Brazil. The narrator mentions 5sim as a reliable online service that offers affordable prices and quick receipt of SMS codes. To purchase a Brazil virtual number, users need to create an account, top up their balance, select Brazil as the country, choose a desired service and operator, and complete the registration process by entering the received SMS code.

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Accordingly, Does Brazil have 11-digit phone number? Response to this: All Brazilian phone numbers have the format nnnn-nnnn. The only exceptions are the public utility service numbers that have only three digits and special 11-digit numbers. All telephone numbers starting on 2 to 5 are landlines while 6 to 9 are mobile phones. The 8-digit numbers starting on 400 are excepetions.

How long are phone numbers in Brazil? Therefore, mobile numbers will have the following format: +55 XX 9XXXX XXXX (country code, area code and subscriber number).

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Are phone numbers 9 or 10 digits?
Response will be: US phone numbers are laid out as area code (3 digit), prefix (3 digit), suffix (4 digit) for a total of 10 digits not including country code (+1). While it may seem we have plenty of phone numbers to go around, we really don’t. Each suffix can only accommodate for 10,000 assignable numbers (0000 through 9999).

Additionally, Which country code is 55 11? Response to this: Brazil
55 is the international code used to dial to Brazil. 11 is the local area or city code used to dial to São Paulo.

Then, How many digits are in a phone number in Brazil? Phone numbers in Brazil are either 10 digits or 11 digits long. All the mobile numbers start with "9" and are 11 digits long while the landline numbers and radiophone are 10 digits long. First 2 digits of Brazil phone numbers are area codes which directs the call to allocated state.

Besides, What is a country code for Brazil?
Response: For example, +55 is the country code for brazil. An area code is a part of a phone number that indicates the general area where the phone receiving the call is located. The area code for a city or region is a series of numbers that must be dialed before a person’s number when calling from another area.

Likewise, How to call Brazil toll-free number? Callers can dial these numbers to reach businesses and individuals outside the area without incurring a long-distance charge. The toll-free number for Brazil starts with 0080 and, before dialing from India, adds the exit code of India, followed by the country code of Brazil. The following is the format for calling the Brazil toll-free number:

Herein, How to call Brazil from India? The reply will be: Dial the exit code, country code, area code, and phone number to contact a Brazil mobile phone. Dial 00 – 55 –1234-567-678 to call Brazil from India. Arun is SEO Analyst at KrispCall. He has written in extensively in the field of cloud telephony and call center solutions. Follow our newsletter !

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Likewise, How many digits is a Brazilian phone number?
Answer will be: The Brazilian telephone numbering plan uses a two-digit area code plus eight-digit local phone numbers for landlines and nine digits for mobile lines. Public utility services use short phone numbers (usually three digits), always starting with 1.

In this way, What country code do I need to call Brazil?
The response is: Each country has its own country code. You can easily get yours using “Google”. For the US and Canada, it’s 011. For the UK, and many other countries like Argentina and New Zealand Number the exit code is “00”. A brazil dialing code is like an entry gate to the country you want to call. For calling Brazil you will need Brazil country code.

How to dial a phone number in Sao Paulo Brazil? The reply will be: Brazil area codes are of 2-digits. So, if you are calling someone in Sao Paulo from your US Virtual Phone number your dialing pad should have Where 11 is the geographic code for Sao-Paulo. Brazil uses an 8-digit local telephone number. Check the number you want to reach and just get it dialed on the keyboard.

What is phone system in Brazil? So, let us first understand some basics about Telephone System in Brazil and then the calling party: In Brazil, all regions have a specific geographical prefix. The Brazilian phone number has the format xxxx-xxxx. In Brazil usually, landlines start from 2 to 5 and mobile numbers usually start from 6 to 9.

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