Unlocking the Secrets: Revealing the Count of Stores in Lima Mall – Find Out How Many Await Inside!

The exact number of stores in the Lima Mall is not provided.

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The exact number of stores in the Lima Mall is not provided, however, the mall is known to have a diverse range of retailers and services. According to a well-known resource, Lima Mall boasts a variety of stores featuring popular national and regional brands. From fashion and apparel to electronics and accessories, the mall caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

To provide some interesting facts about Lima Mall, here is a list:

  1. Lima Mall is located in Lima, Ohio, and is one of the primary shopping destinations in the area.
  2. The mall covers a significant area, providing ample space for a plethora of stores and services.
  3. The mall features both indoor and outdoor spaces, making it suitable for year-round shopping.
  4. It is home to a mix of department stores, specialty shops, and various dining options.
  5. Lima Mall offers diverse shopping experiences, accommodating various budgets and styles.
  6. Visitors can find well-known national brands alongside local and regional businesses within the mall.
  7. The mall regularly hosts events and promotions to engage with the community and attract shoppers.
  8. Lima Mall strives to provide a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience for its visitors.
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In a quote by a famous person related to shopping or malls, Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” This quote emphasizes the importance of retail and fashion in malls, capturing the essence of the shopping experience offered at Lima Mall.

Table: A hypothetical table showcasing a sample of stores in Lima Mall:

Category Store Name
Fashion Macy’s
Forever 21
Electronics Best Buy
Apple Store
Verizon Wireless
Dining Olive Garden
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Beauty Sephora
Ulta Beauty
Bath & Body Works
Others Barnes & Noble

Note: The table above includes a hypothetical selection of stores and does not represent the actual stores present in Lima Mall.

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The video showcases snippets of music and clips from the Lima Mall in Lima, Ohio, providing an atmospheric overview of the shopping center. While there is no spoken dialogue or meaningful content in this excerpt, the uplifting background music sets a positive tone and suggests that the mall offers an enjoyable shopping experience.

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Lima Mall features more than 65 stores including Old Navy, American Eagle Outfitters, Bath & Body Works, Gap/Gap Kids, Victoria’s Secret, The Children’s Place, and Pacific Sunwear.

72 stores

Lima Mall boost 72 stores ranging from jewelry to women’s apparel to sporting goods, and among the store selection are Macy*s, jcpenney, MC Sports, American Eagle, and Victoria’s Secret.

# Store Locations: 62
Mall Address: 2400 Elida RdLima, OH 45805
Mall Name: Lima Mall
Mall Phone Number: (419) 331-6255

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Did you know that, There are seven rows of stores in Lima Mall that are larger than at Jockey Plaza, which is one of Lima’s most popular malls. Jockey Plaza, which is one of Lima’s most celebrated shopping malls, is among the city’s top attractions.
Topic fact: There is a Li’s Seafood Boil at Lima Mall, which can be found in the mall’s parking lot in front of the main entrance. Maurices, which is located at Center Court, is adjacent to Old Navy. There is an American Eagle across from Fragrance Place. At Total Revolution Training Facility, Hibbett’s Sports is next to it. Who Bought The Lima Mall?

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Where is Lima Mall?

Response: Lima Mall, Ohio. Location, store list and shopping hours Justice, just for girls! Lima Mall is located on 2400 Elida Road, Lima, OH 45805. More than 68 stores. Click on store from list below to view details.

How many supermarkets are there in Lima?

Answer: The market includes 282 conventional supermarkets and superstores, with 178 in Lima, and close to 790 convenience stores. The sector is comprised of both conventional supermarkets and traditional channels, comprised of wet markets and independent stores.

Is Macy’s closing Lima Mall?

Answer will be: On December 22, 2020, Macy’s announced that they would be closing their location at Lima Mall on March 21, 2021 as part of a plan to close 46 stores nationwide which left JCPenney as the only anchor left. ^ "Do Business at Lima Mall, a Simon Property". simon.com. Retrieved 2015-03-13.

How has the Lima Mall changed over the years?

Over the years, the Lima Mall has seen many changes. The focal point of the mall in years past was a large stone fountain which was in the center of the mall and there was also a small fountain in front of Elder-Beerman. These fountains were removed in the late 1990s.

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