The Ultimate Dining Guide: Unveiling the Perfect Time for Dinner in Buenos Aires!

Dinner in Buenos Aires is typically served between 8:30 PM and 10:00 PM.

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Dinner in Buenos Aires, the vibrant capital city of Argentina, is typically served between 8:30 PM and 10:00 PM. The city’s dining culture is known for its late meal times, reflecting the lively and bustling nature of the Argentinian lifestyle.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of dinner in Buenos Aires is the emphasis on socializing and enjoying a leisurely meal with family and friends. As the sun begins to set, the city comes alive with locals heading out to dine, engaging in lively conversations, and savoring delectable dishes.

To further explore the significance of dinner time in Buenos Aires, let’s delve into some interesting facts:

  1. Traditional Argentinian cuisine: Dinner in Buenos Aires presents an opportunity to indulge in the country’s renowned culinary delights. From mouthwatering steaks cooked on parrillas (grills) to delicious empanadas and dulce de leche desserts, the city offers a rich tapestry of flavors.

  2. “Meat capital” of the world: Argentina is often referred to as the “meat capital” of the world due to its long-standing tradition of grilling and barbecuing. Dinner time in Buenos Aires provides a perfect opportunity to savor a succulent asado (barbecue) and experience the country’s love affair with meat.

  3. Piqueteros: Dinner in Buenos Aires is not just about the food; it’s also a time to witness the unique cultural phenomenon known as “piqueteros.” These are gatherings of protesters who participate in “picketing” by banging pots and pans in public places like plazas. These passionate protests often coincide with dinner time, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

  4. Tanguerías: For those seeking a taste of Buenos Aires’ seductive dance, dinner time is the perfect occasion to visit a tanguería. These traditional tango clubs offer a complete dinner and captivating tango performances, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the soulful music and passionate dance of Argentina.

  5. Nightlife: Buenos Aires is renowned for its vibrant nightlife, and dinner serves as a prelude to the lively evening ahead. The city truly comes alive after dinner, with numerous bars, clubs, and live music venues offering an array of entertainment options to cater to every taste.

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In conclusion, dinner in Buenos Aires is not just a mealtime; it is an experience that embodies the spirit and culture of Argentina. With its late serving times, emphasis on socializing, and diverse culinary offerings, dinner in Buenos Aires offers both locals and visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of this captivating city.


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In this YouTube video, the top 10 restaurants to visit in Buenos Aires, Argentina are highlighted. From the luxurious Aloes to the renowned Los Platitos steakhouse, there is a variety of dining options available in the city. Narda Commodore offers vegetable-focused dishes, Corte is perfect for meat lovers, El Pobra Luis serves mouthwatering sausages, and An Eighth creates impressive dishes. Michigan offers modern Jewish cuisine, Casa Cavia provides a picturesque setting, and La Mazetta is known for its delicious pizza. Sacro caters to both vegans and meat eaters with their creative plant-based dishes. Overall, Buenos Aires has something to offer for everyone, regardless of their culinary preferences.

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4) Get used to eating dinner late like 9:30 pm or later, which is the normal dinner time for Argentines. If you aren’t able to adjust to it, that will significantly limit your restaurant options since most of them aren’t open until at least 8:30 pm.

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What is the typical dinner time in Argentina? As a response to this: Following the Spanish model of living, meals in South America only start after 8pm, with a slight variation in each country. Places like Brazil, Chile and Peru have its most popular dinner timings are 8-9pm, while Argentina is a little later even (9-1opm).

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What time is dinner in Buenos Aires Argentina?
Response to this: Dinner service at most restaurants is from around 8pm until after midnight.

Why do they eat dinner so late in Argentina?
Eating at 10pm
This is because Argentines get around to eating a lot later than most other societies, so prepare yourself to be sitting down to dinner at around 10pm. In a way it’s a blessing in disguise, because you get a few more hours to yourself between work ending and dinner starting.

Similarly, Do Argentines eat dinner late?
The reply will be: Argentina rarely comes to mind when in fact, the reality is that they tend to eat even later. During the week, people tend to sit at the table around 9 p.m., but on the weekends, nine can be considered early, with most people sitting down around 10 p.m. and later for dinner.

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