Discover the Exotic Charm of Peru: A Guide to Getting Married as Foreigners

Yes, two foreigners can get married in Peru. The process requires meeting the legal requirements set by the Peruvian government, including obtaining the necessary documents and undergoing the necessary procedures.

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Yes, two foreigners can get married in Peru. The process of marrying as foreigners in Peru involves meeting the legal requirements defined by the Peruvian government. These requirements include obtaining the necessary documents and undergoing the required procedures.

To embark on the journey of getting married in Peru as foreigners, it is important to follow a series of steps. First and foremost, it is necessary for both individuals to possess valid passports as identification documents. Additionally, they may need to provide birth certificates with authenticated translations into Spanish, as well as proof of legal status in Peru, such as a tourist visa or residency permit.

One essential requirement is to secure a “Certificado de Solteria” or Certificate of Single Status. This document, issued by the relevant consulate or embassy of the individuals’ home country, certifies that both parties are legally eligible to marry. It is advisable to contact the specific embassy or consulate in Peru for the country-specific process and requirements.

Once all the necessary documents have been obtained and authenticated, the couple needs to schedule an appointment at the local Municipalidad or City Hall in Peru to register their intent to marry. At the appointment, they will need to present all the required documents and may be required to pay a fee.

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Although the process to get married in Peru as foreigners may involve some paperwork and procedures, it is definitely possible and can be a meaningful and memorable experience. As Ernest Hemingway once said, “We are all foreigners, almost anywhere.” This quote reflects the wonderful sense of unity and cultural exchange that can be found in marriages between foreigners in Peru.

Interesting Facts about Getting Married in Peru:

  1. Peru is known for its vibrant wedding traditions, blending ancient Inca customs with more contemporary practices.
  2. Traditional Peruvian weddings often include a “Coin Ceremony” where the bride and groom exchange coins symbolizing their commitment to support and care for each other.
  3. The wedding reception in Peru, called the “Matrimonio,” is a lively celebration featuring music, dancing, and delicious Peruvian cuisine.
  4. As of 2010, the divorce rate in Peru was around 13%, indicating that marriages in Peru tend to be relatively stable.
  5. Peru offers various charming locations for destination weddings, such as the picturesque city of Cusco or the stunning beaches of Mancora.

Here is an example of a simple table showcasing the documents typically required for foreigners to get married in Peru:

Required Documents for Marriage in Peru
Valid passport for both individuals
Birth certificates with translations
Certificate of Single Status
Proof of legal status in Peru
Any other documents required by the embassy or consulate

Remember to consult the official guidelines and check with the relevant authorities or consulates for the most updated and accurate information regarding the specific requirements for foreigners to get married in Peru.

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In this section of the video, a Peruvian Latina named Angela Andrea discusses her reasons for dating foreigners. She finds that dating someone from a different country offers a cultural exchange that she enjoys. She also mentions that foreigners tend to appreciate and value different qualities in a partner compared to the local dating scene. Angela finds dating foreigners to be a unique and fulfilling experience.

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So, couples usually first marry officially in their home country (or if at least one partner is a legal resident of Peru at the local municipality) and then “elope” to Peru for a once in a lifetime experience.

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